G-Pop Shop is a family business. We give excellent customer service that is personal and specific to each customer's needs. The people you want to talk to either answer your call or email, or they are very close by. You will be dealing with the guys who do the work! You will get responsive technical assistance through email or by phone am noon, M - F.

You will also find us very considerate if you need for us to be flexible with payments, completion date, shipping, etc. And if we ever make a mistake, we will take responsibility for it. We trust you will find us eager to help you! We do turbos and nothing else, so we know them well!

All machining, balancing, and rebuilding is done in-house, thus we are in control of the quality process. Work is checked and re-checked, and we take no shortcuts. All internal parts are replaced with new ones. But more important than our 15 years of ASE Master Tech experience and our Master Turbo Rebuilder credentials, is our desire and willingness to share that experience with our customers.

This will help you confidently install the turbo we rebuild for you or help you purchase. We not only have the tools, the equipment, and the experience to properly do your turbo work, you will get the very best work that we can do - from the dis-assembly and cleaning process, to the way your turbo is packed and shipped. We know that it is helpful to hear about others' experiences with a company before deciding to purchase. We have created this page for customer's comments that we have received after a transaction.

We hope that this helps you get a feel for what kind of business we do:. Quality Consciousness We do turbos and nothing else, so we know them well! I'm not sure if it was the degraded state of my old turbo or the porting and polishing of the newer turbo, but I have instant boost at any RPM like I have never had before.

I am having a lot of fun on the back roads to work.

hybrid 1446 turbo

Thanks again for the outstanding service and stellar product. Your Customer for Life. I appreciate all of your efforts and willingness to go that extra mile Thank you again. I certainly will keep your name and reputation handy for any one I meet in need of your services. You even took the time to spruce up the extra parts that I had not removed before shipping. I cannot thank you guys and your team enough.

If I ever find myself in or around Springdale, AR I will be sure to stop by so I may shake your hands and thank you in person. I cannot wait to install this and fire the old girl up. I was told stories of inability to get a new one, long wait to get a new one, or parts are too expensive to fix it. Your comment "In some cases, it is not if it can be done, but if it is worth being done" is what sealed the deal for me.

That was one of the most honest answers I received from anyone. My tractor went from smoking like a coal fired train to running clean as it should.

I couldn't ask for more. I will definitely recommend you to anyone, and also not hesitate to use you again should the need arise. I appreciated the phone call that I received letting me know that it had arrived, the required work and the cost.As a rule the turbo engines are stronger than the NASP equivalents and are able to handle substantial power gains. The key thing in a turbo engine is the flow rate that can be generated and this depends largely on the internal profiles of the impellers inside the turbo.

When you want to increase the turbo capacity you have two options. Firstly you can fit a larger turbocharger, but this will usually require a lot of custom pipe work as the oil feed, exhaust manifold and intakes are in different locations. Your other option is to go with a hybrid turbo.

A hybrid turbo is a drop in replacement for the OEM turbo but the internals have been altered to suit your power requirements. By altering the profile of the exhaust side impeller you can get the turbo to spool up more quickly, provide a longer power band or more top end power.

It is usually a compromise as you are generally unable to get all of these benefits and will need to choose the best option to suit. Also alterations to the intake compressors profile can have a dramatic effect on how much air can be pulled into the engine.

There are two types of bearings used in turbos. Thrust bearings and ball bearings. Most OEM turbos use thrust bearings as these are cheaper to produce but when a lot of extra power is put through them they can start to fail and you get oil leaks and premature turbo wear. A ball bearing turbo will usually spool up more quickly than a thrust bearing one and will be able to handle much more power.

Not all OEM turbo housings can be modified and converted from a thrust bearing to ball bearing, instead an OEM shaped turbo unit is made to accommodate the uprated internals. We should also note that the air intake opening shape also has a bearing on the flow characteristics of the turbo.

Any steps, pits or seams in the metal surface can cause turbulence which will ruin your airflow characteristics. You will need to consider your peak power carefully as hybrid turbos are generally graded into power bands.

You'll also need a remap to fully release the potential power gains of your turbo although most cars will cope with a hybrid turbo on a standard map. When the boost levels run beyond what the ECU expects a car may go into a limp home mode so for this reason alone a remap makes good sense. Just pushing more air into the engine is not enough as it needs to be matched to the fuel supplied as well. Uprating the injectors and fuel pump along with a higher pressure fuel line will make good sense.

You can discuss hybrid turbos with our members in our technical forum if you have any further questions or wish to see what other people have done to their cars. Please share this page with your friends on :. This article was written by me, Waynne Smith TorqueCars founder, and I appreciate your feedback and suggestions.

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Please see your authorized Porsche Dealer for details and availability. Excludes options; taxes; title; registration; delivery, processing and handling fee; dealer charges.

Dealer sets actual selling price. Five seats.

hybrid 1446 turbo

Intoxicating power. The kind of performance only 70 years of sports car heritage can produce. In the Cayenneany excuse to Sportscar Together is a great one.

Porsche has partnered with Amazon to help guide you through the selection and installation of a dedicated power supply for your electric vehicle. Follow the link below and find out how easy the Amazon Professional Installation process can be.

Learn more. You will find detailed information on the new Cayenne here. All ready to download. Contact a Porsche Dealer, request information, or register for exclusive Porsche news.

To the contact form. A Porsche as individual as your own fingerprint. This is the promise delivered by Porsche Exclusive. Porsche Tequipment offers a wide range of accessories for retrofit personalization.

This ranges from product benefits to enhancing driving pleasure through products like transport systems, child car seats, Sport Exhaust System and visual personalization options.

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HPA project cars have been featured on television, in online media, and in print media across the globe. Take a moment and browse our media galleries to see what people have been saying about us! Coupled with a major redesign of the OEM bearing housing, the HPA IS38 Hybrid turbo is the perfect upgrade for those looking for a significant performance boost with improved long-term reliability.

The IHI IS series turbos have been known to restrict oil flow under sporty driving conditions which can cause premature failure of the bearings resulting in broken turbine shafts. This can lead to catastrophic engine failures due to oil and debris being pushed out into the exhaust system and igniting. HPA has spent 4 years of research and development to completely rethink the bearing housing design.

Each turbo requires precision CNC machining of the intake and exhaust housings and include an HPA proprietary mixed-flow turbine wheel, and CNC machined billet compressor wheel. All components are completely upgraded to ensure lubrication for both reliability and peace-of-mind. The HPA IS38 Hybrid turbo upgrade has everything you will need for a simple and quick installation including an OEM diverter valve, OEM wastegate actuator, turbo inlet pipe, and silicone hose to adapt to the factory airbox.

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Designed, Engineered, and Manufactured in Canada. Attention to detail with an OEM level of fit and finish. If you're looking for proven performance parts for Volkswagen and Audi, you've come to the right place.

Call 1 Welcome to HPA Motorsports! HPA Motorsports. Search: Search. You have no items to compare. Account Wishlist Log In. In The Media HPA project cars have been featured on television, in online media, and in print media across the globe.

2020 Porsche Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid Is Large and in Charge

If you are a member of the press who is looking for a story idea, please contact us! Press Contact Form. Magazines HPA has been featured in numerous print media all over the world. View Magazine Features. View Online Articles. Read Blog.Summer Exciting times are ahead for Abarth Racing UK, who have been working hard in conjunction with Turbo Technics to produce a game-changing turbocharger product line and service.

Over to Andy for the story so far…. When I first became involved with the Abarth I was told by Italy that the power limits were governed by the turbos and the pistons. I was told that the standard IHI VL38 would only pass enough air for bhp and the Garrett choked at about bhp.

I asked about more boost and was told that the top land on the pistons collapses and traps the top ring. Earlier this year I sold a car to New Zealand and the new owner wanted more than the standard bhp that the AC has, so I made some phone calls. The tuners that were advertising bhp began to shy away when I asked probing questions.

I started to talk to racing driver Marten Bonner, one of the few people using an Abarth for competition.

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At the time, he had a Garrett fitted and had spent a fortune on mapping for the SLS series at Knockhill race circuit. Marten had the power checked for the series and found that he only had despite his mapper telling him that he had The first time he used increased boost the shaft in the turbo snapped and the turbine wheel made a bid for freedom down the exhaust pipe. I took Marten a replacement turbo and an ECU with our standard bhp mapping — bingo, he went 3 seconds a lap faster than he had gone before.

We wound the boost up and the second also snapped the shaft so I went and spoke to my old friends at Turbo Technics. Marten had fitted an aftermarket front mount intercooler, so at the same time as fitting the bigger turbo we fitted one with a lot more flow capacity.

hybrid 1446 turbo

As soon as we drove the car we knew that it was a different animal. After a remap, we have 1. Since then we have improved the mapping and have bhp which is on the limit for the injectors and fuel pump.

We saw a gain of 30bhp and now need to do a remap to move forward on that. For a base A the kit will have to include the 2. Andy Dawson. Who is Andy Dawson? Abarth Racing UK. Competitive Racing. Contact Us.

Over to Andy for the story so far… The big Turbo kit is coming! We are currently finalising the kit and optimising the turbo. I became somewhat confused when many tuners began quoting big power outputs. Discover D. D on social media.If you're looking for further confirmation from Porsche headquarters that the current hybrid lineup represents more than just compulsory regulatory vamping, consider this statement from Christian Trautmann, manager of Porsche's SUV product line: "From here on, we hope to make the highest-performing top model of a given Porsche product lineup a hybrid.

While Trautmann wouldn't elaborate on what this might mean for the maker's rear- and mid-engine sports cars, the mere existence of the Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid in both SUV and Cayenne coupe body styles is in line with the brand's new ethos. Generating combined horsepower and lb-ft of twist, it achieves the daunting task of making the regular Cayenne Turbo seem weak.

Employing the same powertrain strategy as in the Panamera Turbo S E-Hybridthe top Cayenne variant skips past the hp turbocharged 3.

A hp electric motor sandwiched between the 4. Speeds as high as 83 mph are possible without the gas engine switching on, but the system also can operate in a battery-saving mode that only burns gas, or the two systems can work together.

Worth noting is that the Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid uses a nearly identical powertrain but with an eight-speed dual-clutch automatic in place of the Cayenne's conventional automatic, the latter of which, Porsche says, performs better in trailering situations.

LOWS: Nonlinear brake feel, costs as much as a college education or three, big weight penalty. Indeed, the Turbo S E-Hybrid is the quickest and fastest Cayenne yet, but that statement does not prepare you for the immediacy of its accelerative force. This Cayenne rips to 60 mph in 3.

Top speed is governed at mph, and we can confirm that the first mph of those collect quickly and without much drama. Having the electric motor's lb-ft of torque available right off idle is a beautiful thing, and when coupled with the additional shove of the gasoline engine it makes for a surreal and addictive experience.

This big ute launches in an almost effortless manner, and Porsche is eager to point out that the electric boost strategy it employs is derived from the mapping used in the Porsche Spyder hypercar. Despite the performance breeding, the hybrid system works almost imperceptibly in more relaxed situations, fusing the propulsion sources into a single wave of thrust. Six driving modes are available: E-Power operates on electricity alone; Hybrid Auto utilizes both the engine and electric motor; E-Hold maintains the battery's current state of charge for use later; E-Charge simultaneously charges the battery and powers the car; and Sport and Sport Plus focus all systems on performance and keep the gas engine on and ready.

Sport mode maintains the minimum battery level necessary to provide sufficient boost, while Sport Plus mode recoups energy at an even more elevated rate. The hybrid system adds pounds to the Turbo S E-Hybrid over the regular Turbo, which balloons the curb weight to pounds. That Porsche trains these porky pods to dance when asked without beating you up in normal commuting is impressive. A large part of the credit goes to the Porsche Active Suspension Management PASM system, which continuously adjusts the dampers and the stiffness of the three-chamber air-spring suspension.

Three user-selectable modes—Normal, Sport, and Sport Plus—are available, and the air springs offer five ride heights that vary ground clearance between 6. Despite its considerable mass, the Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid's turn-in response remains sharp, although the steering feels a tad synthetic. There's firmness on-center, and the big ute will track straight for days. Pressed to its limits, the electrified Cayenne hangs on to the skidpad with 1.

Those figures aren't exactly the stuff of supercars, but they do place this spiciest Cayenne squarely in the sports-car realm.

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Braking feel, unfortunately, is one dynamic where the hybrid system is painfully obvious. The outright stopping power is strong. But things get wonky as speeds decrease, and the pedal's effect on the brakes becomes nonlinear as the hybrid's regeneration system and the actual friction brakes attempt to play together, yet end up feeling like they're confusing each other.

As you'd expect for a product line's halo model, the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid leaves few options on the table. Features specific to the Turbo S E-Hybrid include unique inch wheels, body-color wheel-arch extensions, and polarizing Acid Green paint for the brake calipers.

Buyer's Guide.

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Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Marc Urbano Car and Driver. View Photos. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Instrumented Tests. Join the Conversation Show Comments LoadingA hybrid turbocharger is simply a turbo that is non-standard, but more specifically combines parts from different frame sizes and in some cases from different manufacturers. A hybrid turbo, if designed properly, will allow the extra flow and pressure to be achieved at a safe and reliable turbine speed and at higher compressor efficiencies.

There are many variants of the hybrid theme ranging from a turbo with only one component changed or modified through to one with all the components being changed or modified in some form or another, therefore there are no hard and fast rules on hybrid designs or the performance you can achieve. It is a bit like a modified engine, it looks the same from the outside but is crammed full of more expensive, more exotic material, higher flowing components on the inside. Find out exactly what you are being offered for your money.

To enquire about turbo upgrades or anything hybrid turbocharger related call us today on or fill in our contact form here. Click Here to view our website here. Yes, in most cases it will give you more power but what are you doing? The turbine is rated to rotate at a maximum reliable speed. Spinning it faster could take you outside that zone and then you can run the risk of turbine blade failure.

Running the compressor wheel faster will certainly give you more flow and pressure but at the expense of a lower efficiency and therefore a higher charge temperature. So, more flow means more air, hopefully at a cooler temperature, see Inter cooling below which you can then add more fuel to and hey presto… more power!

But be warned not all hybrids are that good, there is usually a trade off for all this performance gain… lag!! We will always give you honest advice, not sell you up and then have you disappointed or upset. Why Turbocharge?


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